Business Messenger


Do you have customer accounts within the Business Messenger app?

  • Yes. You can give access to your customers, so they can see their dashboard and campaigns. These account access users are defined under the Business Messenger account you wish to give access for. 



Do you offer both postpaid and prepaid options for accounts?

  • Prepaid option is already built-in within the Business Messenger app, so each customer can do a quick top-up and send campaigns instantly. On the other hand, if you decide to import existing accounts from SMS Platform (only for clients using SMS Platform), then you have the option to import customers with both prepaid and postpaid plans. 



Is Bulk SMS included?

  • If you are an SMS Platform user, bulk SMS is included by default. [more info about Bulk SMS services for Business Messenger app upon request] For the Business Messenger application individually, bulk SMS trading is not included except for cases for a specific request.



Do you offer campaign analytics with SMS delivery status reports?

  • Full campaign analysis including the number of messages sent, campaign name/type and delivery status are available within the app's dashboard. Also, Message log as the individual application is included under each Business Messenger account.



Do you support fallback options to WhatsApp or email?

  • Fallback is only supported if SMS is not sent, and the fallback field is, for example, email address. We don’t support WhatsApp messages as a fallback.



Is RCS supported in the Business Messenger application?

  • RCS ability is currently not supported within the Business Messenger app.



Is it possible that one customer sends different types of SMS campaigns (e.g. marketing, or OTP)?

  • Yes, we have different channels for executing campaigns over our Business Messenger application. Apart from the standard SMS channel, there are also Web, Telegram, etc. It is possible too that one customer segments each campaign by specific rule or importance, and schedule such campaigns to selected contact list(s).



Could we limit a campaign by a specific time range?

  • Of course, each campaign can be limited by time or scheduled “from-to” date. Also, you can pause a campaign for some time and continue with the same one again. You are absolutely flexible with campaign scheduling.



Can we export analytics that is visible in the dashboard?

  • This is currently not supported for analytics, but it is possible to add an export option.



Is it possible to customize SMS fields, such as the contact ‘name’ field, or to upload parameters that will segment messages for specific recipients?

  • In fact, it is! You define the rules or the fields, then you add them to “custom fields” in contact settings. After that, when you create a campaign, you just type “@” and select a rule. This automates the process – custom name, custom discount, etc. Also in steps of setting up the campaign, you have the option of segmentation rule where you can categorize and filter what type of contacts you want to target accordingly to your contact information. 



Which languages are supported in the Business Messenger app?

  • We currently support English, German and Spanish. Other languages, upon your request, can be added fast.



Can the Business Messenger app be branded (white-labeled)?

  • Clients that use our SMS Platform have the option to brand (white label) it, so they also get the Business Messenger app as white-labeled.



Does the system offer shortcodes for SMS Newsletter opt-in / opt-out?

  • The system currently offers only 919 shortcodes. Using this shortcode, Business messenger users can create SMS keywords for opt-in or opt-out forms (e.g. SMS STOP or similar). However, if you are interested in having the option of shot codes included, kindly contact Horisen Business Messenger support or your Customer Relationship Manager.



Are there multiple lists of shortcodes available?

  • Besides the one that our system offers, no. But, it is possible that customer adds their own list of short codes. 



How can we manage Sender IDs? Is it possible that clients use as many sender IDs as they wish (by just adding them to the list) or we as service providers - Business Messenger platform owners - provide an only a limited list of sender IDs available for them to use?

  • Users can add their own Sender IDs in Settings >> Add Sender. As far as you can see there is no limitation on sender IDs and you will define them by yourself.



Is a short link for web opt-in/opt-out limited to a certain number of characters and how does it affect message size?

  • Weblink uses short URLs that the system generates itself. A number of characters in this short URL are counted as message text, and they are visible within the message compose (message text) field. For example, if a short URL has 30 characters, the remaining number of characters in one SMS would be 130.



Is it possible to create a dynamic web link for different users (for web opt-in/opt-out)?

  • Yes, creating dynamic web links for different users is possible. In fact, each user is free to create their own opt-in/out form that would just further for campaigns. 



Is the web opt-in link customizable in terms of characters and link name?

  • Yes, and in that case, it would contain the client's name/brand, and then other random characters every short URL usually has. 



When a contact opts in, is the list of contacts automatically updated?

  • Yes, the list of contacts is automatically updated in the contacts manager. In fact, you would be able to see in Contact manager information on opt-in/opt-out status in different campaign channels.



How is SMS opt-in / opt-out charged? Is a free shortcode provided or not?

  • Charging inbound traffic is usually regulated by each country, so in some cases, it can be charged. Usually, there is a notification that says whether SMS is charged or opt-in/out is free of charge. When it comes to our services of shortcodes, this should be further communicated with your account manager.



Is Sender ID added in routing? If so, how does it work, and how we can check whether messages with that sender ID will be sent?

  • Delivery based on sender ID is defined firstly on country restrictions set by mobile operators and regulations of that area. Routing based on Sender ID is not possible to define within our routing engine but with knowledge of restrictions you are free to submit traffic using those sender IDs and having successful traffic.



What is a stop window?

  • Stop window stops the execution of the campaign (sending SMS) at a specified time interval for the defined time zone of each day. This is very handy option in terms of sending traffic towards destinations which have restrictions on sending marketing traffic in specific hours.



How does user-level access work? Platform owners have all rights, then clients using the system see only their accounts (and add their team members)?

  • Yes, platform owners have overall access to Business Messenger, while clients have their own accounts and see their campaigns. Clients can also assign roles to their team and add their credentials, so team members can contribute to campaign management and analytics/finances. User access can differentiate depending on roles set to this user and list of roles with explanation is listed on window when making new user in Users section on any Business Messenger account.



Where is throughput defined - in the SMS Platform and how is this connected to the price list in Business Messenger?

  • This is a technical configuration set up when creating the Business Messenger account. By default is 20 SMS/sec, but it can be different, based on customers' requirements. If you are not a user of the SMS platform but only Business Messenger, then the Support team would assist you.



Can I edit the campaign while it is running? 

  • You can edit some basic information, like a name. However, configuration options like scheduling, segmentation, can not be changed in the running campaign. In that case, we suggest stopping a current campaign and cloning it as a new one.



How to check the delivery status of text messages?

  • From the campaign list, you can click the View icon for a particular campaign. There you can find Message Delivery Statistics to see totals. Also, from the same dialog, you can click on the Message Log button to see the status of each particular message in a campaign.



How does billing / invoicing work?

  • Each message delivery decreases your SMS account credit per the pricing you can see in the Finance section. You are also charged a monthly fee based on available features (Easy SMS 2-way, number of contacts, etc.)



How to contact the support for help?

  • You can contact the support via email address - and Live Chat inside the app.



Is there a limitation in the number of contacts I can add?

  • Yes, the monthly plan you have selected determines the maximum number of contacts you can add/import to your lists.



What is the maximum number of campaigns I can run simultaneously?

  • Technically there's no limitation but note that you are limited by available credit for SMS-es you can send.



What are the options to schedule a campaign?

  • Campaigns can be scheduled to run once or to have repeated execution. Once can be run immediately or at the scheduled time. Repeated campaigns are executed per scheduling rules similar to how digital calendar events are scheduled. Event campaigns are scheduled implicitly, per event date like Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, etc.



How long does the contract last?

  • The minimal contract period is 3 months.



How long is the notice period for cancelling the contract?

  • The cancellation of the contract can be done one month in advance.



Where to check real-time statistics?

  • From the campaign list, you can click the View icon for a particular campaign. There you can find Message Delivery Statistics. Also, the Dashboard section contains useful analytics information.



What is the maximum number of lists I can upload to the app?

  • There are no limitations, though you are limited by the number of contacts you can create.



What is the maximum number of contacts I can upload in a single list?

  • You can upload all available contacts in a single list.



How many contacts/lists/groups can I create?

  • Only contacts are limited per a monthly plan.



How to implement own (or clients') Inbound numbers into Business Messenger, and use them for opt-in and opt-out SMS?

  • For the option of integrating numbers, you would have to communicate this with either support or your account manager. There are different terms for using inbound numbers.



Where can clients see inbound messages in Business Messenger (the ones that final recipients send back)?

  • The inbound manager is in the testing phase, and it will be soon added to platform.



Business Messenger product in Business Partners application is not showing to the product section?

  • Product for Business Messenger in Business Partners screen will show up once you create the account through the Business Messenger app.



Can i opt-out users by importing from an excel file?

  • Unfortunately no, opt-out can be done only manually or by the user itself.
    Important to mention, by using the option "Unsubscribed" when you are importing contacts from the file you can not opt-out users.
    This option is only used to unsubscribe the users from Subscriptions list/s.



Can i opt-in users by importing from an excel file?

  • Actually, when uploading the contacts, by default they will have status opt-in.
    In case you have some contacts already opt-out, you can choose the option "Don't search for existing records" and it will do the import from the scratch and set status opt-in.



Does the setup of the SFTP for the landing page configuration is chargeable and how much does it cost?

  • Yes, the setup fee is 150 EUR and the monthly fee is 20 EUR.